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Behind the Music

David Lombardi hails from an artistic and musical family. He graduated at a young age in classical violin and viola and the Antonio Vivaldi College of Music in Italy, his home country. After his classical studies, he graduated in Irish traditional music at the Irish World Academy of Irish Music and Dance (University of Limerick) and in world music at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Sweden). He also attended music production courses at Berklee Online. David is a particularly versatile musician who has explored a variety of genres and styles. From classical music to Hindustani music, from Irish and Scottish traditions to those of Scandinavian countries and Eastern Europe, he feels comfortable performing on different stages with his many international projects. David collaborates with a number of acclaimed artists from all over the globe and he is highly sought after as an arranger, composer and studio musician. He is a former Riverdance fiddler and he has toured with many acts worldwide. Alongside his career as a performer, David is a renowned teacher and specialises in string section arrangements and recordings as well as music production for documentaries, films, video-games and commercials. 

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